5 Ways Warehouse Clubs Can Save You Money

By Sara


Last Updated: December 8, 2022


Warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam's are a great way to save money.

It may sound counterintuitive that you have to pay for a membership at these warehouse clubs to save money. But the way these stores operate can help you cut down on grocery costs and other spending areas.

You can buy your groceries and other things from household items, clothes, cars, and even vacations from these warehouse clubs, all at a discount. 


What are Warehouse Clubs?

Two of the most popular warehouse clubs are Costco and Sam's.

These stores have a membership associated with shopping at these locations.

Memberships can be anywhere from $50 a year to $120 a year, depending on which membership you get and at which warehouse you get your membership.

These clubs are able to make deals with certain brands to buy their products in bulk. Buying in bulk allows these warehouses to offer the lowest price possible. Most warehouse clubs don’t profit from the items they sell in their store.

Most of their profit comes from the actual membership that people purchase. 


Buying in bulk.

The biggest way to save at a warehouse club is by buying in bulk.

Most items sold at these stores are in large quantities of an item. If your family loves a certain type of food like cereal, eggs, milk, chips, and more, buy these items at a warehouse store. You know you will eat a large amount of food and save money.

Usually, the cost of an item at a warehouse store is the same price as a normal grocery store, but you get double the amount. You can even buy your meat and produce from warehouse clubs if you're organized. Buy your meat and freeze the amount you won’t be eating right away. 


More than groceries.

If you are paying for membership at a warehouse club, take advantage of everything they have to offer.

Most people think they can only buy groceries at a warehouse club, but really all of your shopping needs can be met there.

  • In your house, you can buy your cleaning supplies, household items, kitchen appliances, furniture, and decorations at a warehouse club.
  • Outside of your home, you can buy technology, cars, tires, and even vacations with warehouse clubs.

You can price check to see if you are getting the best deal, but more than likely, you’ll find a better deal on these things through a warehouse club. 


Know how sales work. 

Do some research online to find out how your warehouse club handles sales and items that get discounted.

Most clubs will have sales every month, and if you purchase something that goes on sale within 30 days, you can get a price adjustment. It works out great, so you don’t have to be sad you missed out on a sale if you just bought that thing at full price.

Plan your shopping around the items that are on sale that month, and you’ll end up seeing a pattern on when certain items go on sale.

Warehouse clubs also discount items that they will not be restocking. If you know the ending cent digits (like .97 at Costco), then you will know if an item will not be returned or if this is the lowest price that will be offered.

You can find some deal items at an even bigger discount. 


Shop off-brand to save more.

Another great way you can save even more at a warehouse club is to buy off-brand.

Most warehouse clubs have their own brand (Costco’s is Kirkland Signature). The quality of house brand items is very high, and the cost is lower than a popular brand item. This small hack can help you save even more when buying something like peanut butter or nuts. 


Shop online.

Most Warehouse clubs have an online website where you can purchase things outside of their in-person store.

Sometimes they will have similar items to their store, but other times you can find some great items for an amazing price.

For example, Costco sells Ugg boots on its website. The cost of these boots is a great deal compared to the regular Ugg website. Sometimes the warehouse will have Uggs in their store, but not all of the color, size, and style options as they do on their website. 



Final Thoughts 

Warehouse clubs are a magical place.

You can get your tires changed, lunch from samples, buy all your groceries and furniture and even book a cruise at the same time. If you learn the rules and secrets of your warehouse club, you can get great deals for any item you want and find all of the secret offerings they also have.

That upfront membership fee shouldn’t stop you from shopping at one of these stores because they can offer you a huge savings for your daily groceries and other areas of spending. 

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