7 Sweet Holiday Side Hustles You Can Do for Quick Cash

By Chika


Last Updated: December 29, 2021



The holiday period is usually associated with increased spending and lax financial rules.

But you could flip the script and make some extra money. Apart from the fact that people are more eager to spend, everyone would also be looking for others that would help them make that holiday experience happen. As such, they are more willing to pay before for services which erstwhile they would have done. 

So if you have the time and the tenacity, picking up some side-gigs and part-time work can help boost your finances.


7 Side Hustles You Could Take on This Holiday Season

1. Holiday crafts

If you’re adept at using your hands to create items, you could try out making some crafts for the holiday. You could do Christmas or New Year themed decorations, They could be personalized, parent themed, whatever you like. There is no limit to what you can create!

It could be window decorations, cards, gift baskets, throw pillows, stockings, gift boxes, etc.  

Alternatively, you can set up a store on online platforms such as Etsy, to increase your outreach and visibility, so that you are not just limited to your community. 

2. Delivery service

Demand for grocery delivery skyrockets during the holiday season.

As people plan holiday gatherings or brace for cold weather, there is increased demand for food and drinks. Secondly, restaurants experience higher customer patronage, a significant bulk of which would be online. As such, there would be a need for more hands to carry out their deliveries. 

You can sign up to delivery companies like Instacart, DoorDash, or Postmates to earn money delivering groceries. The hustle pays an average of $13 per hour. More experienced shoppers can make between $16 and $22 per hour.

Eateries such as Pizza Hut also recruit people to work for them as delivery staff during this period. It is expedient that you ask your employer what standards and guidelines are in place to ensure a contactless delivery system.

3. Sell a recipe

If you have a special recipe that you think people like to add to their holiday cooking, why not monetize it by selling it online? You can work as a recipe writer from platforms such as Upwork.

You can also sell your recipe on Etsy, or in Facebook and Twitter groups. Alternatively, you can use Instagram to host live sections or upload short content in your recipes. 

4. Babysit

With the pandemic restricting our ability to spend time with people in large groups, for most of the year, many people would not want to hold back during this holiday season. This includes making plans to have their kids taken care of while they are out having a good time. 

You can sign up for babysitting sites like Care.com, Sittercity, and UrbanSitter. Babysitters make between  $13 to $23 hourly. These rates could be higher during the holiday period because there would be fewer babysitters working as most would take off during the holidays.

Of course, you want to make sure you're still following the health restrictions and staying safe! 

5. Pet sit

Similarly, pet owners celebrating around or on the holidays themselves may need someone to watch their pets, whether that’s a dog walker to cover them while they’re at a holiday party or when they're traveling to meet family and friends.

6. Catering services for parties

If you have a good repertoire of recipes, you can consider being a caterer during the holiday season. Many wealthy people or small businesses have an intimate Christmas Party with their staff and families.  The last thing the host wants to do at a Christmas Party is to spend the whole time in the kitchen. You can offer small catering packages by doing amazing snacks and desserts or tasting platters.

7. Rent out space

People are looking to host parties, meetings, and even company retreats in comfortable and smaller-scale places, instead of hotel ballrooms or conference rooms. One of the easiest ways to make cash these days is by joining Airbnb or Wimdu and renting out a spare room or apartment. 

If you have a good-sized backyard, living, or dining room, you can put your home on a website like Peerspace or Splacer, and rent it out by the hour. You can rent out your space while you’re staying with the family over the holidays. Make sure you clean it out, follow safety restrictions, decorate it nicely and provide all modern comforts possible, such as WI-FI access.

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Key takeaway

The holiday period is when people let their guards down, and open their purses wider.

Rather than join the bandwagon of excessive spending, you can use this period to make some extra cash.

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