8 Budget-Conscious Websites That Can Help You Save Money

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Last Updated: September 23, 2022


One of the best ways to learn about finances is to learn from others. So many people have stories to share about how they learned about finances, and one of these stories may resonate with your personal financial situation. In addition, there are many websites that provide amazing tips and tricks on saving money, creating a budget, and general financial literacy. Check out these seven websites to help you save money! 



8 Awesome Budget-Conscious Websites to Follow

1. Passionate Penny Pincher 

Passionate Penny Pincher, aka Laurie, is a mom of three.

PPP started her blog in the fall of 2009 after she saw a lack of websites that helped people save money through meal planning based on weekly sale items and promoting items that are cheap or free. She saw this need and started her blog to help people live frugally through coupon and sale shopping.

She and her team of ladies work to provide tips on how to “pinch pennies” at home. You can find:

  • grocery tips
  • coupons
  • recipes
  • meal planning tips

We love their 'Frugal DIY' section, where you can find all kinds of crafts and projects to do at home, such as the 'DIY Dollar Tree Fall Decor,' saving you some money in the process.


2. Krazy Coupon Lady 

Krazy Coupon Lady is actually Ladies - Heather and Joanie.

Heather and Joanie are stay-at-home moms who got tired of living paycheck to paycheck and decided to start side hustling. Heather began couponing, and with the help of Joanie, they became more strategic in their practice.

They created this budget-conscious website to share their couponing and money-saving tips. You can find all of the best coupons for your needs on this website, along with other money tips. 


3. Budgets Are Sexy 

“J.Money” is the blogger behind Budgets Are Sexy.

He started this blog after making a wrong turn driving to check out a two-bedroom apartment to rent and ended up at the location of a two-bedroom townhome that was for sale. The home was purchased within 48 hours with no money down right before ‘08.

He had no budget at the time and found the world of money blogs - where normal people talked about their finances. You can learn about all things personal finance and minimalism on his blog. 


4. Money-saving mom 

Money-saving mom, aka Crystal, is a wife and mom of 6, and another one of the budget-conscious websites to follow.

From a young age, she learned coupons, grocery shopping, meal plans, and cooking from her mom. When she married her husband, she found creative ways to save money to help them stay out of debt while he was attending law school.

You can find online deals, tips on managing money, ways to earn more income, and budget recipes on her blog. 


5. Frugalwoods 

Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods are debt free and working towards financial independence. They have written a book about their simple spending and have a blog where they talk about their finances.

On their blog, you can learn about:

  • extreme saving through DIY home repairs
  • frugal food and clothing tips
  • and even money-saving travel tips

So, if you are trying to find unique ways to save money, this is the blog for you. 


6. The Savvy Couple

The Savvy Couple, Kelan and Brittany, started their financial journey trying to get out of debt.

They learned everything they could about personal finance and realized they needed a side hustle to help them make extra money and find a career that they were passionate about.

Their side hustle blog turned into their full-time career.

You can find articles about:

  • budgeting
  • making money online
  • side hustles, investing
  • parenting
  • and marriage


7. The Money Fox 

The Money Fox, aka Francesca, is a mom of one.

She started to blog about her money journey to share the things that have worked for her. She also shares the things that didn’t turn out the way she planned.

The Money Fox wants to share how she went from struggling with her finances to managing her money situation.

You can find tips on:

  • money making
  • money saving
  • and debt


8. Prudent Penny Pincher

Prudent Penny Pincher, aka Stephy, blogs about all the ways that you can save money in your day-to-day life.

She specifically focuses on frugal tips around:

  • cooking
  • crafts
  • and DIY projects

Along with these frugal tips, you can find ways to save money and give you ideas on how to use these tips in your life.



Budget-Conscious Websites 

There are so many financial tips and tricks that you can learn from these eight blogs!

From how to save money on groceries to couponing to extreme savings, there is something for everyone. Let us know your favorite financial blog! Share with us on our Instagram!

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