A Financial Vision Board Will Help You Reach Your Goals - How to Get Started

By Myles Leva


Last Updated: May 4, 2022


Motivation can be the missing component for success in many aspects of life. Finance is an area of life that requires more patience and control than most. It makes sense then that people would try all sorts of tricks to motivate themselves to build a better financial future.

A financial vision board is one of those sources of motivation.

Budget apps have played with the idea of visual representations of personal finances and providing rewarding feelings for users. But improving your finances is a long-term endeavor, and that’s what a financial vision board is all about.



What is a Financial Vision Board?

A financial vision board (or “money vision board”) is a collage of imagery meant to motivate the viewer towards financial success.

The images on a financial vision board each represent a personal life goal. In their totality, all the art on the board adds up to what the creator sees as their ideal financial future. As a demonstration of an ideal, the object is motivational.

Financial vision boards can be made in many different ways (more on that in a minute!). But the purpose of each board is the same: motivation for the creator.


How Do I Make a Financial Vision Board?

The first step is to find the imagery that is relevant to you. Scroll down to “Financial Vision Board Examples” for advice on source materials.

A financial vision board project should begin with a large collection of images.

Those images should include some mix of the items you value in life. They can be any mix of :

  • Great food
  • Luxury cars
  • Scenes from a life well lived
  • A dream home
  • A happy and well looked after family
  • Whatever makes you happy

Of course, this list will be different for every individual. So, there’s no shame in being brutally honest and choosing the themes that make you happy. The entire point is motivation for a better financial future, after all.

Once you have all the imagery, you just need to place them on your board.



Financial Vision Board Examples

The best example of a vision board is... whatever works for you! So, let’s go over the ways people find their vision board’s imagery and the board itself.



The images for a vision board can come from many different places. There’s also nothing stopping you from getting images of several types from several different sources.

The easiest place to start is, of course online. Because you’re making a personal vision board, there is no need to worry about copyright restrictions. Just search online for whatever images provide the spark you’re looking for.

Then you can just print them and place them on the board. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. But you can try other methods if you really want your vision board to have a nice appearance.

Another popular source of images is magazines. A financial magazine is a great place to find images you need. In particular, imagery of investment success, a rich lifestyle, and more can appropriately fit into a financial vision board.

The best quality, however, would come from genuine photographs. If you’re into photography, you can take this as an invitation for a fun job.



Cardboard is one of the best options for the board itself. However, any material that is robust and durable enough can be used. A bulletin board can also make a great financial vision board.

The key to remember is that you want the vision board to last. You want the board to last the same way you want your dreams to last.

Last but certainly not least, you need the right size for the vision board. This is why it makes a lot more sense to draw your images before choosing a board. You can always do the measuring after you have all your images.

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Making Your Financial Vision Board Work

To finish things off, there are several steps you should take to make the vision board work as intended.

  • Make sure you match the board with all the images’ dimensions before you get started
  • Don’t shy away from using a simple pen for part of the vision board
  • Arrange your images by cost and corresponding timeframe
  • Be honest with yourself; you can share your board with others, but it’s your goals on display, not anyone’s goals for you
  • Place the vision board somewhere where you will see it every day, ideally early in the morning



What is a Financial Vision? 

What is a financial vision? It's whatever you dream about! If you know what you are trying to achieve, and where you would like to be in the future, whether it's to have a new car, or to aspire to a certain job, house, or lifestyle, seeing it every day can keep you on track, reminding you of what you are working so hard to do! 

Did you make a financial vision board? Share your pictures on our Instagram page!! 

Photo by Mikechie Esparagoza


3 comments on “A Financial Vision Board Will Help You Reach Your Goals - How to Get Started”

  1. I can do a vision board of the things that are of me at this time in my life with all the changes that have happened to my situation, but for some reason, others have planned it for me and know what I should be doing because of what they think they know. I don't downplay anything about me, I just understand it better now. I want to line myself up so I can do for others, but people got understand you can't take charge of something that is of God. He gives and can take it away and I still learning what in these days of life now and do know what I feel and see in things.

  2. I really appreciated this article. When I read from the article the amazing and wonderful things that we value in life, the fifth one really resonated with me and therefore inspired me the most. I can appreciate your comment, Ms. Smith. Thinking about your comment, there is a very old saying that God gives and God Taketh. The truth is, God wants the best for us in every way. The holy Writings are filled with scriptures throughout its pages stating just that in black and white.

    He would love to see us, financially secure, physically healthy and mentally and emotionally sound.

    that old saying, depicting him as an heartless God who gives and promptly takes it back is not true because in the book of Job, God gave Job and Satan took them all away. Not knowing the cause behind his losses (like so many people), Job mistakenly told his wife that we should not only accept good from God, but also bad.

    Bad things can happen randomly, not because God did it.

    While or after experiences We can always regroup, re-plan, do our best and plan well!

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