The Top 5 Finance TikTokers You Should Follow and Why

By Sara


Last Updated: March 13, 2023


There are so many ways to get information today, from books to websites to social media.

Social media may not be a traditional source of news and information. Instead, it has become a space to share useful tips and tricks. 

Finance is one of the most trending topics on social media. There is so much good advice and helpful lessons to learn. Since video clips have to be short, these influencers must be concise and break things down into small pieces over multiple videos.

This allows finance to be more digestible to more people. 

If you’re interested in using social media to learn about finance, we've rounded up some of our favorite Finance TikTokers for you.



5 Finance TikTokers to Follow

1. Money Lawyer Erika @erikakullberg - 9.2M Followers 

Erika Kullberg has amassed 9.2M followers on TikTok with her finance tips.

Erika is a lawyer and reads the fine print to share legal finance tips with her followers. You can learn about how to get:

  • Free AirPods
  • Free pair of LuluLemon pants
  • Free Airfare
  • Free Nike Shoes

Many retailers, credit cards, and airlines have terms and conditions that you agree to. If you know the terms, you can use them in a financially beneficial way.

For example, if you purchase AirPods with a certain credit card, you can get a replacement if they are lost or stolen. Again, this can only be done if you use a credit card with those terms and conditions. 

Erika breaks down terms and conditions in an easy-to-understand way. She provides a script for consumers to use when inquiring about these benefits, which  are fun yet educational.

She also goes over a variety of tips, from how to talk to airlines when your luggage is late to understanding Costco’s return policy. 


2. Humphrey Yang @humphreytalks - 3.3M Followers

Humphrey Yang is a finance influencer who makes complex finance topics easy to understand. His 3.3 million followers learn about: 

  • Sports odds
  • Tax Brackets
  • Credit Utilization
  • Dividends
  • And more! 

Humphrey focuses on a very specific topic for reach video and explains the topic in an acted-out scene.

Someone asks him a question about a topic, and he answers it in a way that is easy to understand. He breaks down complex topics into bite-sized pieces to better understand financial topics. 

You can use an account like Humphrey’s to supplement your own financial literacy education. If there is a topic you are confused about, there is probably a skip that Humphrey has done to explain it in an easy-to-understand way. 


3. Tat Londo @tatlondono 2.8M Followers

Tat Londo is the account to follow if you want a TikToker who only focuses on real estate. You can follow Tato’s glamourous life as a real estate coach and learn about: 

  • Trending real estate topics 
  • What to expect as a real estate agent 
  • The changing real estate environment 

Getting into real estate is a great way to build a new stream of income and increase your wealth. However, while real estate isn’t hard, there is a lot to learn to be profitable and build a business through real estate. 

Accounts like Tat Londo’s can provide insight into what it is like to have a successful real estate business. Getting an inside look can help individuals know if this is a career they want to pursue. 


4. John Liang @johnsfinancetips - 2.2M Followers

As John’s TikTok name states, this account will give you daily finance tips.

Tips can range from current finance topics to hacks to save you money. 

John explains:

  • Current tech layoffs 
  • Savings at large retailers 
  • Maximizing vacation days 
  • Investment topics 

John’s breadth of topics makes his account fun to follow. You never know what you will learn from any video. One moment you can learn about saving money to how to find tax loopholes. 

John mixes skits and research to help his 2.2M followers explain the tip he is giving. His most popular videos are about tips when buying diamonds. He exposes the diamond industry to help his followers save money on such an expensive purchase. 


5. Tori Dunlap @herfirst100k - 2.3M Followers

Tori Dunlap has become a huge name in women’s finance. Her TikTok gives career and finance advice to women looking to acquire wealth. 

Tori’s story of how she became a multi-millionaire business owner has helped her gain 2.3 M followers. Tori saved her first $100,000 at 25, hence her name. She wants to empower other women with the goal of building their wealth. 

On her account, you can find the following:

  • Interviews with other women who discuss career and finance topics 
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of financial topics
  • How to fight for fair salary payment as a woman 

Tori’s content is fun and serious. She talks about important topics around females who are in finance but knows how to make this heavy topic approachable. As a result, her story resonates with others, motivating her followers to save to reach similar goals. 



Final Thoughts on Finance TikTokers

Social media is a great place to share information and learn from others.

Finance TikTokers can provide a huge amount of information in short-form content. In addition, it helps makes these difficult topics easy to understand. 

Who is your favorite finance TikToker? Let us know in the comments below or on our Instagram account

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