Top 4 Debt Free Instagrammers You Should Follow

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Last Updated: May 15, 2023


The Debt Free community is active on all social media platforms.

You can find specific Facebook groups dedicated to people who are working towards being debt-free and others for those who are debt free. In addition, some of the best content for the debt-free community can be found on Instagram.

These content creators share their journey toward being debt-free or give tips on how to become debt-free. 

If you want inspiration to keep yourself motivated, here are some of our favorite debt-free Instagrammers and why we love them. 



Top 4 Debt Free Instagrammers You Should Follow

Our Debt Diary @ourdebtdiary - 1,037 followers

If you are looking for someone who is currently pursuing becoming debt free, you need to follow Out Debt Diary. With two kids, Jennifer Witherspoon and her husband are currently on their debt-free journey. She is documenting all aspects of the debt-free journey and is very transparent. 

You can follow her to see her debt-free progress. Each month, she will share an updated list of all their debt, from personal debt (student loans and credit cards) to business debt. 

Our Debt Diary is a great account to follow if you yourself are currently paying off debt.

Of course, debt freedom is different for everyone, but if you have a family, this account can give you some real-world examples of how to tackle your debt.

This can seem like an isolating experience, but following accounts like Out Debt Diary can give you a sense of community that you are not alone. 


Rachel Rivera @beautiful.budget - 51.6k followers 

Rachel Rivera’s Instagram is all about budgeting for personal and family finance.

A major part of anyone’s journey to being debt free is learning how to properly budget. This also may mean using a cash envelope system, which sets aside cash for each area of your monthly spending. These two things are crucial to help you reach your financial goals. 

Rachel focuses on providing real work examples and information on:

  • Sticking to a budget 
  • Using a Cash Envelope System 
  • How to stop living paycheck to paycheck 
  • Real-world examples of budgeting 

Rachel’s content is great if you want to see how someone really budgets. You can see her budget for her next paycheck and her daily tracking of expenses. She also talks about how you can get out of your current financial situation.

She is great to follow if you are struggling to keep a budget or need real-world examples of how to fix your finances. 


Our Rich Journey @Richjourney, 108k followers 

Amon, Christina, and their two daughters, Sunoa and Melea, are the Instagram account to follow if you are interested in the Financial Independent, Retire Early (FIRE) movement. A huge component of FIRE is being debt-free and having extreme savings to reach early retirement. 

Amon and Christina’s account, Our Rich Journey, is a great account to go back through the archives. They’ve outlined how they paid off debt, retired early, and now their life in Portugal. 

On their account, you can learn about the following: 

  • Paying off debt 
  • Saving for early retirement 
  • Earning income from real estate

Their account is great to follow if you are in the FIRE movement and want extra motivation. They offer great content with concrete examples. In addition, because they have achieved FIRE, their advice is practical, with real-world examples of how to become debt-free and save money for early retirement. 


One Big Happy Life, @onebighappylife, 29k followers

Scarlett Cochran is a lawyer who has documented her financial journey with her husband on Instagram. They've been very transparent about their financial situation and talk about their debt.

They have debt from law school and their home. They have taken the approach that they will take the slow approach towards paying off debt because the money they could be putting in to pay off their debt faster will grow more if invested. 

This is a different approach to a debt-free life, but learning about everyone’s different approaches is good. They have so much debt from their education compared to the average person that for them, it makes sense not to be gazelle intense towards their debt. 

Along with sharing their financial journey, you can learn about: 

  • Investing 
  • Saving 
  • Building wealth 
  • Building a better relationship around money 

This is a great account to follow if you are looking for a couple who talks about debt but doesn’t focus on it. There is so much valuable financial information on their account that can help you build your financial literacy and understand your debt and finances better. 



Final Thoughts 

The debt-free community has great tips and tricks to help you on your debt-free journey.

Everyone’s approach is different. You can follow people with a more traditional approach to debt and others who are taking debt freedom to the next level and pursuing financial freedom.

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