Top 8 Personal Finance Blogs You Should Follow

By Myles Leva


Last Updated: September 14, 2022



There are many finance blogs that focus on different areas of personal or business finance. If you’re looking for more in-depth or specific coverage of topics we cover here, these blogs can serve well as additional reading.

In this article, we will go over the best finance blogs to follow for additional reading. We will go over them by category so you can make sure you to be better info



Best Personal Finance Blogs

1. Money Under 30

Money under 30 focuses on the financial challenges faced by young adults. Their blog covers common challenges young people face and tries to send them in the right direction.

One common theme on the site is making important decisions for the first time.

That’s why there is so much focus on:

  • choosing the right credit card
  • finding investment accounts
  • building credit

They also often cover relevant issues like student debt and other debts that young people can struggle with.

However, they cover essentially all financial topics, just from the point of view of a young adult.


2. Debt Roundup

Debt roundup was created as the result of the owner’s experience fighting debt.

After removing tens of thousands of dollars of debt, Grayson Bell started the site to share his story and spread financial knowledge.

You will find all sorts of interesting takes on the site. But all the financial articles are speaking to those who want to recover from debt and take the steps needed to reach financial success.

So, they essentially offer advice on how to overcome debt and work to never be in debt again.


3. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is less a blog, and more a stocks news and guidance site. However, they offer articles and other resources for users looking to get serious about investing.

One of the key parts of Seeking Alpha is the Stock Screener section. They break down stock picks by category, offering insights for value investors, growth investors, and others. In doing so, they break down individual stocks by:

  • Overall score
  • Valuation
  • Growth potential
  • Profitability so far
  • Current momentum
  • Company debt
  • Market cap
  • More

If you agree with the way the site evaluates stocks and have a similar process yourself, you can get a lot from Seeking Alpha. They may be able to help you follow more stocks than you would normally follow on your own while providing useful insights.


4. Retire by 40

Retire by 40 was made by Joe Udo, an engineer who retired at 38.

The blog covers the process of retiring early and is in large part an extension of the FIRE movement.

Topics covered on the finance blog include investing, frugal living, and calculating your path to early retirement. The site also includes tools like a retirement calculator. There are also motivational blogs where you can hear the stories of people’s journeys to early retirement.

As a FIRE site, Retire by 40 also features constant updates that affect those who are trying to reach the goals of the movement.


5. The Military Wallet

The Military Wallet is an online community for helping veterans manage money.

The blog covers all sorts of issues unique to veterans, such as VA disability, military discounts/benefits, and VA mortgages. Of course, much of the content is also about simple personal finance.

While VA loans and military benefits are at the center of the blog, The Military Wallet simply offers a perspective on personal finance for military veterans. This includes news and updates that affect military veterans.


6. Don’t Mess With Taxes

Don’t Mess With Taxes is a blog focused on the ins and outs of taxes.

Taxation is a complicated topic and deserves its own blogs.

If you earn an income that isn’t regularly taxed through your employer, this blog could be worth a read. It offers tips, guides, and more for those paying a wide range of taxes. Self-employed individuals can find a wealth of unique takes on the site, and this can help you save money.


7. Green Finance Guide

Green Finance Guide has a blog about - you guessed it - green finance, meaning incorporating environmental responsibility into your regular financial activities.

Of course, that also means being responsible without breaking your budget. Topics covered include:

  • being a green consumer
  • electric vehicles
  • ESG funds
  • finding other green investments

Much of the blog’s content is focused on small businesses, but there is plenty for individuals who want to improve their impacts on the world.


8. Money After Graduation

Money After Graduation is the most self-explanatory blog on this list.

The blog covers young adults who have student debt but wish to invest and start a family. But much of it is also people sharing their experiences; what they were or weren’t ready for after graduating.



Conclusions: Finance blogs for beginners

Most of the blogs we’ve gone over cover topics that should concern you regardless of your age or level of financial knowledge and experience.

Most, however, provide knowledge and advice from a specific point of view.

For more general financial blogs for anyone who wants to learn the basics of personal finance, check out the Daily Finances blog. We have introductory financial articles for people of a wide range of age groups and financial situations.

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